Volunteer Positions

We are seeking volunteers for each of the following committees.

  • Afternoon Program (event management for performances and screenings)
  • Publicity/marketing/outreach (distributing press releases, placing ads in newspapers and online, distributing flyers)
  • Fundraising (soliciting monetary donations)
  • Catering (setting up food, serving lunch and drinks, securing in-kind donations)
  • Hospitality (helping with lodging and transportation for invited speakers)
  • Volunteer recruitment/management for the event (supervising ushers, check-in table, registration, videographers, photographers, book sales)
  • Volunteers for the day-of-event (ushers, people to hand out program, videographers, photographers, book sales, check-in for the conference, assist with catering)
If you are interested in volunteering, please email the conference co-directors, Julie and Azizah, at regeneratingchampa[at]gmail.com, indicating which of these committees you find compelling. As with most volunteer positions, these opportunities count as work experience on your resume even though you won’t be getting paid.

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